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"Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls."

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

-Mother Teresa

"If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today."

-Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)


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August 16, 2006
Dear friends and family,

I hope that each of you is experiencing the hope and destiny found in Christ. I do not want to write an unnecessarily long letter, however I know that many people have been curious about the events surrounding my life, and the direction in which I am headed.

For close to three months I was expecting that art school was the open door that would keep me here in India. It seemed at the time, that being enrolled in a college would provide a place for me to exist naturally doing something that I love. It also seemed like a good way to get integrated into the student community. I spent some time looking into different schools and finally found a place that felt good in Delhi. But at the end of June it became painfully clear that I had neither the heart, nor the desire to fulfill a four year degree course, and that if my intention to enroll was half-hearted, then my admission to the school would be under false pretence, unlikely to be blessed by the Divine. So I chose to discontinue my inclination toward pursuing school, and instead try looking for some better ideas, ideas that would have the endorsement of my heavenly Father, the stamp of his approval, and also fit with the gifting/talents that he has invested in me.

Over the past month I have been given some extremely marvelous times of inspiration out of which some very plausible ideas have taken shape, however I’ve also reached some of the lowest places of discouragement and disillusionment. Weighing out all things, and attempting to be optimistic, I have decided to return to the States for a time. My flight will arrive on the 19th of September, and from there I desire to head toward Arizona to spend time with my sister, and if possible, acquire some work. There is a short stop over in Thailand for two weeks before reaching the States. I will be spending time with artists and friends exploring the theme of justice, and also possibly attending one “Micah” conference.

I appreciate all your prayers and thoughts for me. I ask that the gracious God would cause his Light to illuminate each of your hearts, and give you peace.

All 4 Him,

Learning to love the same dust that our Guru has walked upon, we continue on...
And the path is ever winding ahead,
Who can say where it may lead;
And though the pilgrim finds no bed,
He counts his soul to have been freed.

Feb 21, 2006
To all follower of the Sathya Marg (True Way)

My greetings and blessings to you all…

I am fully aware that much time has expired since last any communication of substance was delivered from my side. The reason being, I had very little
of lasting impact to share. However, over the past month and a half the Great One has so influenced me in the practical application of thought that I now feel at liberty to expound upon some experiences with you.

Prior to all things said, I thank the Father of the heavenly lights for each one remembering me and offering words of encouragement and grace on my behalf.
You are like a crisp and cold pool of refreshment in the arid wilderness of this world.
In your friendship I find great strength and confidence.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

On the third of January this year my best friend Narendra was married to a lovely woman of exceptional character and radiant joy. I have no misgivings in saying that initially the news of his betrothal caused a sense of great
discouragement in me. Such investments made in establishing these rare relationships that stand for something, AND THEN in one fell swoop the pot
is taken, luck has run out, and your left wondering why you ever risked so much on a single pair of sixes. It sounds like the selfish sonnet of a seemingly disgruntled gambler I know, but what’s the point in trying to cover over the immensity of emotion invoked by events such as these.

Despite these inner feelings, I had resolved within myself that marriage is in fact a blessing, and that no greater woman could ever exist for my friend then the one he’d found. I arrived in to find preparations in full swing,
and many wonderful people involved in making this time a special one. In what we understand to be the end, we find the beginning, and its resplendent contribution to relationship is in truth the presence leading us from the illusion of pretence to the intended path of perfection. I know that this union will testify of truth in a most pristine place. All those involved, and attended were themselves thoroughly blessed.

Thank you Lord for your intimate dealings with us,
for leading the children
from that which distracts
to the dimensions of Destiny.

January 7th – February 5th

After the marriage, I travelled south to the sea-shores of Goa, where I intended to call upon the Creative Spirit for inspiration in the form of art.
Many ideas have been floating around in my head, but producing them in
the physical realm has always been the challenge. I am pleased to say that the month was such a marvellous success, not only by my standards, but also
with regard to things divinely appointed. Our Master has so opened my heart to understanding the role that women and men play in transcribing the unique aspects of the God as they in their creation distinctly represent the Image.
What extreme misconceptions we as the body have had in determining the roles for the sexes.
Where ignorance thrives folly is sure to find a foothold.

And so, to date the Temple is segregated by an inaptitude for integration. This not only applies to the relationships between the sexes, but serves to facilitate the lager metaphor in which diversity and difference build the platform upon which we prolific pastors relate Truth.

Now often I see, and have myself participated with those who rather than embrace difference under the abundant arms of grace choose to fear, and in turn oppose it.
But I tell you followers of the Faith that the day has come

for judgements and presuppositions to be torn down. When we who claim to possess truth fail to sincerely, and optimistically integrate it into the practical spheres of life – Truth avails itself of those who are optimistically open to its application.

I have beheld within the “institution” the dangerous disease of conformity, which seeks to segregate by the criteria of difference rather than unite all things under the Head, who himself pervades all things...
Forgive the
ravings of one provoked to insanity, but it’s the same Spirit that you claim allegiance to birthing these pains within my heart, so I’ll continue…
Individualism has now become a term of endearment to the contemporary chrsitian who seeks to be safe within the confinement of a cramped spirit
and a restricted consciousness… Them, and us is just the mentality that serves to conform the efficiencies of Divine Body to the single celled organism.

The system is controlled by the prevailing trends of fashionable thought. Someone has a good idea today, and it’ll be a christrian bookstore’s best seller tomorrow, then the following year a three-part manual complete with journal.

Why all the second-guessing and fear?
Why every Sunday listening to mandates and seven steps proposals to a liberated spiritual existence? (Sigh)

All this to say that there is a voice waiting to be heard. A voice to free the disciple from the darkness of delusion, and usher him into the sacred light of Truth;
A voice to welcome in the light of dawn after the long dark hours of political process, and identity born of religious regulation;
Like a mother at the cradle of her child comforts, and removes all traces of terror, so the voice proclaims that
‘God is over all’

If you’ve read to this point I’m impressed!
You may be interested to know
that I’m currently in Delhi, looking into avenues for pursuing the arts. I would be most grateful if you would continue to invest prayers into the kingdom on my behalf, especially in the area of incorporating passion, and talents into the realm of kingdom reality.
Also, please ask that wisdom would be given to me in the specific ways that I communicate the person and presence of my Guru to the people who so desperately seek to know Him.

I’ll close with a Vedic prayer:
He who is One, and who dispenses the inherent needs of all peoples and all times;
Who is in the beginning and the end of all things,
may he unite us with the
bond of truth,
of common fellowship,
of righteousness.

All 4 Him,
Learning to love the same dust that our Guru has walked upon, we continue
And the path is ever winding ahead,
Who can say where it may lead;
And though the pilgrim finds no bed,
He counts his soul to have been freed.

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